Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory

KJC is a music school that opened its doors to Nepal 10 years ago. Since then it has been giving access to musical and creative education for many students. It has collaborated with shelters, providing outlets of expression for the most vulnerable people in Nepal: the youth.

The music programs in the schools of Nepal are rudimentary. Unlike any other subject, the teachers do not require qualifications in order to be able to teach music in schools, which leaves an entire generation of children lacking an all-round education .

As an organization with a social purpose, since  2007 we have brought in hundreds of  international, qualified artists to Nepal and provided over 500 scholarships to students. We have provided free music education to orphanages and schools and organized cultural events. Many of the students who we have trained are now professional musicians, some of whom are touring the world with their music. The teachers we have trained have institutions of their own; they carry the torch forward.

All of this has been financed for the last decade primarily at our own expense, using of its own human and material resources. The Foundation was born with the aim of developing and supporting these projects, making them visible and, more importantly, sustainable.

Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory Foundation is a non-profit community integrated by a group of music teachers, music students, music lovers, nepali musicians and from people all around the world that have crossed paths with us in the past. We are committed to providing high quality music education in the country.

We focus on creating opportunities for students in financial need. More than 500 students have received musical education thanks to individual donations, support from international organizations and regular fundraising events since 2007.

Students can choose from among a variety of courses in the school including applied lessons in various instruments, music arranging, improvisation, jazz and Hindustani music theory and history, ear training and electronic music production. A comprehensive mix impossible to find elsewhere in the country.


Since 2007 KJC Foundation  is bringing highly qualified international music teachers and performers who train our Nepali teachers and work with our students. We provide a thorough, inclusive, and enjoyable education for void of discrimination or prejudice of socio-economic status, heritage, or living situation. Through our projects, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory Foundation solidify and spread our love of music, our love of children, and our dedication to an international community.


Our vision is the struggle for equality, we provide the music education to those who have a passion to become a musician, no matter of their social background, to empower the Nepali youth and let them share experiences and express music as a tool for change.


 ‘Uniting People through Music’ is our motto. Quality, innovation and the improvement of the population through the exchange of cultures and experiences in the arts world is our first value.

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